Hi! My name is Monica and I am the head baker, cake artist, and owner of Level V Bakery. I have been vegetarian since mid 2014, and vegan since 2015! I am here to prove to you and your omni friends, that vegan desserts can taste awesome too, and maybe even better!

I am completely self taught and started baking from my home back in 2017.

Fresh out of UBC after studying nutritional sciences and food sciences, I worked as a Quality Assurance Coordinator for 7 years in food manufacturing facilities. While working there, I started my side-hustle journey, Level V Bakery, in 2017. I specialize in cakes, cupcakes, macarons, croissants, cookies, and breads!

Since then I have outgrown my little home kitchen and the demand, and decided to open my own store. I partnered with Kimmy owner of Whisk Matcha Premium Cafe and we opened our cafe & bakery in June 2020 located at 39 Kingsway in the heart of Mount Pleasant. 

<3 Monica