To pre-order a cake for your special occasion, we require 3 days advanced notice if we are not already fully booked. We recommend to place your order 1 week or 2 weeks in advance becase we do get fully booked fairly quickly (especially on the weekends)! To see if we are fully booked, you can try adding the item into your shopping cart, check out, and select the date you need the order for.

Delivery Updates

 We are only offering deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays at this moment.

Technical Issues

You may be experiencing some technical issues ordering your cake (item not showing up in the shopping cart). If this is the case, please refresh the shopping cart page after adding your item into the shopping cart and select your pickup or delivery time at the bottom of the page then proceed to checkout.

Alternatively you can click on the Level V Bakery logo at the top of the page and on the homepage click on the bag icon in the top right, select your pickup or delivery date, and proceed to checkout from there. We'll address this issue soon!

To get in touch with us, please email Sorry it may take me 2 days to reply though!

- Monica