Where are you located?
Our store is located at 39 Kingsway, Vancouver. If you are lucky, you can find a free parking spot in the neighbourhood - otherwise the Mount Pleasant community centre has a paid parking lot (entrance is in the alley).

When are you open?
Monday to Sunday 9am to 6pm
We are closed on statutory holidays to rest and sometimes and an occasional Monday for a staff meeting/event. 

What size cake do I need?
A 6 inch cake serves 8 to 10 people
A 9 inch cake serves 12 to 20 people

Am I able to get a cake today?
Possibly! If we have extra time, we will prepare an extra cake at the store for those in need of a last minute cake. The flavour will depend on another cake order we are making. Otherwise I have cupcakes available daily! You can either call the store 604-558-3232 to see if a cake is available or check our square site (whiskmatchaxlevelv.square.site)

How do I order a cake?
Simply fill in the necessary fields and add your desired cake into your shopping cart! Then check out on the secured Shopify platform to process the payment. Once you order is placed, you will receive an automatic confirmation email that your order has been received. 

I didn't receive a confirmation email!
You should receive an automatic confirmation email if you order has successfully gone through. Please check your junk email folder. Otherwise please email us if you are unsure whether or not your order went through. We can resend you your confirmation email and or check if it was sent to the correct email address. 

Can I place my order over the phone instead?
We only take pre-orders through our website. Our online platform automatically adds it into our Google calendar to ensure we do not over book ourselves with cakes!  

Help! My shopping cart isn't working! I'm having technical difficulties!
You may need to remove it from you shopping cart, hit refresh, and try adding to your cart again. Sorry! Technology is great, but it has it's glitches too. If you need help troubleshooting please email admin@levelvbakery.com.

Help! I added my cake into the cart, but I cannot select the date I want.
If you are unable to select a certain date, that means we are already fully booked for that day. 

Most days we are fully booked, especially on the weekends. We limit the quantity of cakes we produce per day because we want to ensure we provide sufficient time to ice each cake to maintain our standards, also we are a very small bakery and have limitations on space as well!

So unfortunately we are fully booked. You can try booking your cake a little earlier and to see if we have availability. Cakes are good for up to 5 days without being cut into. Otherwise, refer back to the answer for the question "Am I able to get a cake today?".

How many days in advance should I place an order?
Our website interface allows a lead time of 45 days, so I would suggest ordering immediately once you know the date of your celebration because I am fully booked most days!
I am not able to make a cake on short notice and I need a minimum number of 3 days advance notice in order to produce your cake.

When can I pick up my order?
You can pick up your order between 10am until close (6pm). If there are any delays in the production, I will contact you immediately. 

Do you deliver?
We are only offering delivery on Saturdays and Sundays. We only deliver to Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and North Vancouver for a flat rate of $20.

Do you make gluten-free cakes?
Yes we make our own gluten-free flour mix for our cakes made of chickpea flour, millet flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, corn starch, brown rice flour, guar gum, and ground flax seed. 

We handle our products with care and try to eliminate all possibility of gluten cross-contamination. However we do use shared space and equipment with products containing gluten and so there is always a risk and cannot guarantee 100% cross-contamination free. 

From our signature menu, funfetti, earl grey, matcha, tiramisu, hojicha, and ube can be made gluten-free. Or create your own cake.

What about soy-free cakes?
All our signature cakes contains soy oil in the buttercream. However, we do have two options for soy-free cakes.
1. For soy-free option, you can opt for the tiramisu and specify soy-free in the special instructions. We use a coconut whip cream for the tiramisu and normally we top off the cake with buttercream, but in the soy-free case, we use coconut whip cream on the top.
2. Or you can create your own cake and indicate "Soy-Free" as an allergy restriction. Cupcakes can also be made soy-free. We use PC Brand Plant Based Butter  to make our soy-free buttercream.

We handle our products with care and try to eliminate all possibility of soy cross-contamination. However we do use shared space and equipment with products containing soy and so there is always a risk and cannot guarantee 100% cross-contamination free. 

What about nut-free cakes?
All our signature cakes does not contain nuts in the cake or icing itself, except for the crunchy peanut butter chocolate cake which obviously contains nuts/peanuts. 

Please be aware that some of the decorations we put on top of the cake do contain nuts, such as the macarons and some of the chocolates we use. When you specify nut-free as an allergen restriction when placing your order, we do not put any macarons or those chocolates that contain nuts on top of the cake. Some chocolates we put on top of the cake does not contain nuts, but has a may contain statement on the ingredient label. Therefore, there may be less decorations on top of your cake due to this restriction.

For extra precaution, if you do not want any of those decorations, please specify "No Cookies Or Chocolates On Top" when placing your order.

When you also specify nut-free/peanut-free, our standard practice is to ice these cakes before we ice the crunchy peanut butter chocolate cake.

We handle our products with care and try to eliminate all possibility of nut and peanut cross-contamination. However we do use shared space and equipment with products containing nuts and peanuts and so there is always a risk and cannot guarantee 100% cross-contamination free. 

What about sugar-free cakes or can you reduce the sweetness of the cake?
We do not make any sugar-free cakes. We are not able to reduce the sweetness of the cake because we batch make all our cake batters and icings. Also, adding less sugar to the cake batter will result in a denser cake, and sugar in the buttercream will result in a less stable cake. So for those reasons, we do not have this option available. The tiramisu cake does contain less sugar compared to the other cakes on the signature menu. 

I'd like my cake to look like this. Can you do that?
There is a certain style of cakes that we are able to produce, please view our portfolio of work via Instagram @levelvbakery. We do not make fondant covered cakes and we have very limited fondant making expertise. So most likely the answer is no, but you can send a photo to admin@levelvbakery.com and see what the response will be.

I'd like a gender reveal cake. How do I order this?
Please order through the create your own cake page. Select vanilla cake base and vanilla buttercream (everything else is optional and up to you). For the gender reveal, we will colour the cake base either blue or pink.

And in the special request text box, please indicate that it is a gender reveal cake. You can either include the gender in the special requests text box, or you can drop off the envelope or email us the gender at least 5 days before your cake due date. 

Do I need to refrigerate my cake?
Just like any other cake, vegan cakes also need to be refrigerated to prevent it from melting! I suggest to put the cake on a flat surface in the car sandwiches between things that will not move or topple over, or have someone hold the box. Please do not leave your cake unattended in a hot car. And if it's a hot day out, turn on your A/C and your cake should be fine within an hour of transportation. But put your cake into the fridge once you get to your destination!

Do your cakes freeze well?
Yes! I have froze cupcakes for weeks and defrosted them and they were good as new!

How should I slice my cake?
Take your cake out of the fridge (a cold cake is easier to cut). Then use a VERY sharp knife with a pitcher filled with hot water! To get the cleanest cuts, dip your knife in the hot water and wipe off after every time you slice with a paper towel or towel. Then allow your cake to thaw for 10-15 mins at room temperature before you enjoy it!