Mini Cupcakes (12)

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12 Mini Cupcakes

These perfect party treats are vegan and does not contain any animal products (no eggs or dairy).

Flavour Descriptions:

  • Double Chocolate: Chocolate cupcake base with chocolate buttercream (not available gluten-free)
  • Cookie Dough: Vanilla cupcake base with chocolate buttercream
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate cupcake base with peanut butter buttercream (not available gluten-free)
  • Earl Grey: Earl grey cupcake base with strawberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream
  • Matcha: Matcha cupcake base with matcha buttercream
  • Vanilla: Vanilla cupcake base with vanilla buttercream
  • Vanilla Sprinkle: Vanilla sprinkle cupcake base with vanilla buttercream
  • Oreo: Chocolate cupcake base with vanilla buttercream (not available gluten-free)
  • Strawberry: Vanilla cupcake base with strawberry buttercream
  • Lavender: Vanilla cupcake base with lavender buttercream
  • Mango: Vanilla cupcake base with mango buttercream
  • Raspberry: Vanilla cupcake base with raspberry buttercream

All cupcakes are nut and peanut free, except for the chocolate peanut butter cupcake. 


To pre-order cupcakes for your special occasion, we require 3 days advanced notice if we are not already fully booked. We recommend to place your order 1 week or 2 weeks in advance becase we do get fully booked fairly quickly (especially on the weekends)! To see if we are fully booked, you can try adding the item into your shopping cart, check out, and select the date you need the order for. We do have cupcakes available in store everyday, please check our square site for current inventory.