Cake Decorating Supplies

Want to get started in learning how to make your own cakes too? Well here are some of my favourite tools to get you started to make and decorate your own cakes! If you would like to purchase, just click on the image and it will direct you to!

Cake Turn Table

I started out using a flimsy plastic cake turn table that shook every time I turned it. You can imagine that the end result of the edge of my cake was wiggly and I had trouble getting it smooth. It wasn’t until I bought this sturdy metal turn table where I was able to get clean crisp edges! I highly recommend this one!

Small Spatula

This is my all time favourite tool for cake decorating. It is so important to also get a sturdy small spatula. I have another spatula where the metal is thin so it is difficult to slather icing on the side of the cake with a flimsy spatula. This spatula allows me to spread icing on the side of the cake really easily!

Mixing Spatulas

There’s nothing more frustrating than a broken spatula. Let me tell you – I have broken many spatulas in my baking days so far. The weak spot is usually at the base of the rod, where if you mix too hard – the silicone will rip. Then you’ll have a useless spatula. These ones don’t have that problem. I have abused my spatulas and they have not broken yet.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer 5qt

Trust me. Making icing using just a spatula just doesn’t cut it. In order to make a smooth frosting, you need a stand mixer. I bought mine 5 years ago, and I use it on a daily basis, and it is still standing strong! I’ve heard other people have had theirs for 20 years and it still works! I know this may be a lot of money, but this is worth the investment in the long run. I have a baby pink one, but this black one is 40% off!